Shinabel:The stationery brand with which natural marble and walnut innocent material were combined

e pirtra: The original glass table with the individuality of the material was fused ( ARTEJAPAN Co,Ltd.)

Greenstone Co,Ltd. (Vietnam) : Released new design in Exihibition VIFA-EXPO

omoi no hikidashi

e’pietra Living Table

Side Table

Side Table

Side Table

Console Table

GreenStone2020 prototype


Interior Audio LSII Sound S

musubi no kotubo


Shinabel Gray Ver.

Iyashi no Akari

Shinabel Dining Table

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 1

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 2

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 3

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 6

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 5

Shinabel | 2017 New Product 4

Displayed ”New Line” at VIFA 2017.

Displayed ”Boat table” at VIFA 2016

Side Table

Coat Hanger

Boat Table

X Side Table

e pietra | SO-112/113

e pietra | SO-120

e pietra | SO-121

e pietra | SO-110

e pietra | SOB-1

e pietra | SO-113

shinabel series

Shinabel series | Shelf

Shinabel series |Shelf detail

Teak Avenue|TV console

Teak Avenue|Console


Teak Avenue|Book Shelf


Teak Avenue|Shelf

Mactan Stone series

Living Table | MS-01

Living Table | MS-08

Living Table | MS-02

Living Table | MS-03

Living Table | MS-07

Dining Table | MS-09

Side Table | MS-11

Night Table | MS-13

Console&Mirror | MS-14+5


Decoration Mirror

Sofa | citta sofa

Stand Lamp|AK-15

Table Lamp|AK-16

Shelf | YT-26

mattina series 01

mattina series 02

mattina series 03

Side Tabale | MT-031

Living Table | MT-001

Living Table | MT-02

Mirror&Console | MT-06+07

Low Table | MT-012

Console&Mirror | MT-023/022

Living Table | MT-028

TV board | MT-026

TV board | MT-025

Dining Table | MT-014

Living Table | MT-015

Tea Table | MT-020

Forest series

Living Table | forest-1

Living Table | forest-2

Chair | forest-3

Chair | forest-4

Shelf | forest-5

Mirror&Console | forest-6/7

scena | interior accessories

BOX for Works

Desk for Fly Tieing

Antinew | Interior Product 01

Antinew | Interior Product 02

Living table-1

Living table-2

Living table-3

Living Table-4









clef | Interior accessories

Black Smith

Shinabel series / i pad stand・Tray250