Masayuki Hagiwara

I design product whole (main work is furniture, interior product and a stationery),
Doing a design proposal aggressively for domestic and overseas enterprise.
And proceeding with some of product development projects.

I participate in reclaim a production plant,rationalization of a production process
and technical guidance from first of product development.
I'd like to find a further additional value in a project by a direction's doing the whole.

I am planning and designing our original stationery brand "Shinabel" .
Sale of goods, operation in a net shop and exhibition participation are being performed.

Born in Tokyo, Japan
Graduated Musashino Art University / Engaged in Manufacturer Company
Started to work for total design of various fields.



2-33-2-205 Kichijoji Honchou Musashinoshi Tokyo JAPAN ZIP180-0004
Tel : +81-422-29-9252
Mail : hagi@xc4.so-net.ne.jp



・Product design (Furniture, Interior product, stationery, etc)
・Graphic design (Catalog, Web, Corporate profile, Advertisement,etc)
・Design consulting and Corporate adviser
・Planning, Designing and Sale of the original brand